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Monday, 19 December 2011

Modern European Kitchens - 3 Part Series

Part 2:  What Defines “Modern European”?

In Canada, we refer to this design style as “Ultra Modern”.  Ironically, in Europe, it is the norm and has been for some time.

There are four main components to a “Modern European” kitchen:

1.  It is functional:
The kitchen work triangle is now a concept of the past.  The kitchen is now being split into 5 zones that focus on particular activities.  Created by European hardware manufacturer, BLUM, the “Dynamic Space” concept includes a Preparation Zone, Cleaning Zone, Cooking Zone, Non-consumable Zone and a Consumable Zone.  The kitchen is designed in a way that encourages the cook to work in stations and keep the kitchen organized in a more practical way. 

2.  It is minimalistic:
This kitchen style is made for the consumer that appreciates simplicity.  Perhaps the most important idea in achieving a modern European look is eliminating as many lines in the kitchen as possible.  Get rid of the clutter and the tacky decorations.  Gone are the decorative mouldings, corbels and intricate door profiles. 

Use 2 or 3 drawer cabinets throughout the bases for improved ergonomics and all fronts/doors should be flat slab with no profile.

3. It is environmentally responsible:
Materials used should be recycled product and recyclable products.  Exotic engineered veneers created from common wood fibres, recycled MDF and GreenLam products are ideal for door materials while low formaldehyde melamine products should be used for cabinet cases.  A manufacturer that recycles its products and waste, creates a safe setting for its employees and is actively involved with its community is also an admirable feature to find in a supplier.


4.  It is cool:

High gloss polyurethane finishes, LED lighting, chrome and stainless steel accents and appliances are key in achieving the modern look. 

Lift up doors, corner drawer systems and soft close doors/drawers will give you the latest in kitchen technology.

In the last of this 3 part series on European kitchen design, I will showcase Superior Cabinets "Urban Line" and how we are achieving this European look for the North American lifestyle.  Stay tuned....