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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Modern European Kitchens - 3 Part Series

Part 3:  Superior Cabinets "Urban Line"

So I've given you my take on what modern European design is and my prediction on its future.  In the final post of this 3 part series, I am going to introduce you to Superior Cabinets sexy new "Urban Line".  Keeping in mind the 4 key components shared in my previous post, our main goals for this product set were:

1.  Offer a high quality door and high gloss finish.
2.  Stay authentic to the modern European lifestyle and look.
3.  Make the product affordable.

Here is where we landed....

1.  Quality:
We found a door supplier that could produce an MDF door with a polyurethane gloss finish option.  The doors are offered painted, wrapped in a GreenLam (laminate) or an engineered skin. We have offered all 3 as options in this product set, each available in either high gloss or matte finishes.

Superior Cabinets - Walnut Americano
Giorgio's Collection:
MDF core with painted finish

Rocco's Collection:
MDF core with GreenLam laminate

Stefano's Collection:
MDF Core with Exotic Veneer (engineered wood skin)

2.  Authenticity:
To stay true to the European kitchen, we needed high functionality, updated technology and minimalistic design sense.  Here are just a few of the features we included or added into the Urban Line:

Superior Cabinets - Homestyles 2010

-We added 3 different vertical lift door options.

-Soft Close Drawers/Doors are standard.

-Warm and cool LED lighting options added.

-New cabinets that reduce lines and maintain line consistency throughout the kitchen:

3. Affordability:
There is a large gap in the market for this type of product.  There is the low end which often features a Thermofoil (plastic) wrapped door and then there is the high end which is typically brought in from overseas. 

Superior Cabinets - Saskatoon Showroom

The Urban Line product set will price out very comparable to much of our current, more traditional wood product lines.

Superior Cabinets has filled the gap for those that appreciate this design genre but aren't prepared to spend on the enormous price tag demanded by European manufacturers and are unwilling to accept a low quality replica.

Thank you for following my 3 part series on Modern European Kitchens.  For more information regarding this product or other products by Superior Cabinets, please follow the link:


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